Establishing trust
through a framework
to a future
with peace of mind

Message From the President

Since Mitsuibussan Insurance Co., Ltd. was established in 1992, we have secured the trust of our 
customers as a general/comprehensive insurance agent knowledgeable in both general insurance and 
life insurance. We offer our clients the most ideal insurance plan from among a wide range of 
insurance products in cooperation with a variety of insurance companies. 

Based on actual performance results, we not only continue to receive support from various excellent 
business partners, but ensure peace of mind and satisfaction for our clients through general risk 
consultancy services, from countermeasures for risks involved in corporate activities to individual 
life planning, by utilizing our knowledge, experience and know-how as an insurance professional. 

In the future, we aim to work towards becoming a company that can better respond to customer needs 
based on the management philosophies “building peace of mind and trust” and “placing clients 

We look forward to your continued support and business. 

Yoichiro Kasai, President
Mitsuibussan Insurance Co., Ltd.

As the managing company of Insurance Net, Mitsuibussan Insurance Co., Ltd. has introduced secure communications by incorporating both digital ID and SSL encrypted protocols in order to protect the privacy of our clients and further guarantee the security of our services.